10 Powerful Promises From God

Tonight my blog post is simple – it’s to encourage those who feel weary, possibly confused and in need of a friend. As I was reminded by my loving mother on the phone tonight, the best way to find peace and understanding is in the promises of God’s word. So this is what I want to share with you –  hoping it resonates with even one, as it resonated with me tonight.

So my friend, these are promises written and inspired by God for you and me. Believe them – because they are real and were given to you. Jesus loves you so so much. I’m praying that the strength of these words help us to live out the truths that He promised to us long ago and that still hold true today and will into eternity. Continue reading “10 Powerful Promises From God”

The Happiness Trend

Lately I have been so encouraged by the way people are choosing happiness. It seems that as our culture pushes more and more “perfectionist” ideals, more and more people are becoming aware of the big hoax that perfection truly is. Our generation is moving into a direction of choosing our happiness based on the uniqueness each of us are called to, and leaving behind the negativity that so many outsiders can flood in.

I see the Happiness Trend so much these days. Continue reading “The Happiness Trend”

Quarter Life Crisis – Check!

26 years old. PARTAY. But really, my birthday was stellar. I worked from home and made my own strawberry cake that turned out pretttttttty yummy if I do say so myself. I met new and old friends at a brewery where we had 2 for 1 beers, munched on a way too ridiculously beautiful cheeseboard, all while listening to bluegrass in the background. And the night ended with a few of us on the basketball court playing knockout until the birthday girl won. YEP, I had my birthday diva moment… but really I would have had 20 more if it meant we would play Knockout ALLLLL NIGHHHHT! Continue reading “Quarter Life Crisis – Check!”