Ludington, Michigan

It’s only fitting that I start my “real” first entry with the one thing that is on my mind: Michigan. I have been going to Ludington since I was born and it is my favorite spot in this world. Lighthouses, beautiful sunsets, and unique downtowns – what’s not to love? Plus to die-for ice-cream that seems to be made only in that area. Enough said.

My suggestion: go in the summertime and hit up a city located on Lake Michigan’s coastline. Soak up the sun on the salt & shark free beach all day and enjoy the Michigan breeze sitting on your porch at night. Promise: this is a destination you do not want to miss. Check out this link if you want to know more of what Ludington has to offer. Here are my favorite things to enjoy and see:


KAYAK! Like I said, my family likes all sporty outdoor things. (You should see my dad windsurf!) But kayaking is the perfect morning activity. Channel your inner Pocahontas and get those arms burning!



My traditional, have-to evening: a trip to House of Flavors for Moostracks ice-cream paired with a walk out to the lighthouse with friends. This is the epitome of a perfect, laid back Michigan night.

My favorite site of all: the early morning sun and when it sets at night.




Conclusion: Michigan rocks. Plan a vacation and check it out for yourselves! I was there over the 4th this year with one of my best friends, Claire. We definitely enjoyed every second of the beach we could get!




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