Why hello blog world

I’d say I am a lover of many things, the simple and the outstanding. Books, coffee mugs, and candles are things I can’t have enough of and my purpose is to live passionately for the Lord. My favorite place to be is on the beach enjoying a Michigan sunset and I love a fun evening of food and wine with my family or friends. These things you will learn with my blog. I have wanted to start a blog for years now and finally thought it was time. I have written in journals since I was young, mostly of the trips I have enjoyed and more frequently my prayers. Now I want to broaden my scope and write on all things I love:  food, fashion, art, reading, travel and of the One who created me.

enthousiazein? Probably wondering where this blog title came from. Well the idea came to me while I was reading a book called Passion and Purity. A line spoke of being “filled by God,” and I knew that is what I want to be. After a quick google sesh, I came to find out the english word “enthusiasm” derives from the late Latin term enthusiasmus,which comes from the Greek word enthousiazein, which comes from another greek word en theos,”within God.” (okay, long language lesson over.) I chose enthousiazein because I loved its meaning “to be inspired by a God.” I believe all of my inspirations and passions are shaped and given from the Lord – so the title was perfect and now here we are.

This is a new thing for me so if there are any suggestions or things you want to see (or see less of) along the way, I would love any and all feedback!

Here we go!! Hope you enjoy!




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