My Summer Reads

Summer is my favorite time of reading. It seems I can read twice as many books during these 3 short months than the other 9 combined. These are only a few of the books I have on my list, but each one is so different. I like to mix up the genre of what I read, so there should be a book for everyone to enjoy! Pick one up this week and dive on in!

The Language of Flowers


The characters in this book express every feeling through flowers. How dreamy does that sound? But seriously, the flowers sold me. However the book is also on uncovering your past, finding redemption in the present, and of course, young love.



Divergent, Insurgent, and Allegiant

photo-1-1The same direction as the Hunger Games but with factions instead of districts and character traits instead of resources. I could NOT put these books down! Read the first two in three days. The third one, Allegiant, comes out in October — can’t wait!!  P.S.It’s hitting the big screen soon so read it before you can watch all of the action!

Passion & Purity

71cgxCMbuUL._SL1500_ I am currently reading this book and it’s blowing my mind! It’s a true story of Elisabeth Elliot’s commitment to Christ, while her love story unfolded with the man she desired to marry, Jim. It is one of the most encouraging books I have ever read, ever. Elisabeth shows the reader what it looks like to desire His will above all,  the importance of becoming honest with our sin, and why to trust with obedience. I plan on reading this one over and over again until I can hardly see. Definitely a must have on my list. Oh, and this is the book that inspired my blog title!




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