Nashville, Tennessee

I had the greatest weekend in Nashville.  Ah from amazing food EVERYWHERE, to city views, friendly and familiar faces, and quaint coffee shops, its safe to say — Nashville, I love thee.

Top 5 favorite spots for the trip (almost all food. could ya guess?):

1. Nashville Food Trucks – look it up on Facebook. SO GREAT! Every Friday night until weather gets sloppy, all  different food trucks line up for Nashville peeps to enjoy. Live music and a beer garden are also present. What’s not to love?

2. The Pfunky Griddle – fun breakfast spot. First off, they had some of the best coffee tasted. Secondly, its entertaining, competitive and fun getting to make your breakfast on the griddle placed in the middle of your table. Not many places like it, Go!

3. San Antonio Taco Company (SatCo) – cheap. bucket beers. and a large patio. not to mention, awesome tacos.

4. Frothy Monkey – it’s a local coffee shop. Enough said.

5. Love Circle – great view of Nashville.

Pictures of each posted below — enjoy!

IMG_5729 IMG_5712FrothyMonkey_CoffeehouseIMG_5733IMG_5738Go visit Nashville!!



Great is Thy Faithfulness

Sitting in church this morning,  I was so reassured by God’s faithfulness yet again. How sweet is it to know that the Lord has mighty plans for you? That he has a reason for everything in your life and knows every detail to come. This has been nothing but truth for me lately. As I have said in recent posts, this summer has been quite a challenging one for me. I graduated college and then next comes – yes, finding a job. Quite a difficult task for most people, but even more so for a “terrible at making decisions” type of girl like me. But good news people, I have a job and the Lord is so faithful.  I was pleasantly surprised by my job, not being anything what I expected  – yet so much more. I adore the people I work with and I have been learning quite a bit. It goes to show, that the Lord’s plan for my life is far better than my own.

Though work is great and The Lord has been living it with me there, church today really struck deep with me. Simple and sweet the message was focused on – Gods Plan is Always the Best Plan for Your Life (scripture Acts 16).  The preacher spoke a line at the very beginning of the sermon that said, “God’s plan is always connected to your spiritual maturity.” I heard that and instantly thought back to this summer and my life before then. What a relieving sentence. That no matter where I am in life, God will use it for my growth. So this summer when I thought I couldn’t wait any more or when I wanted my plan or when I was so frustrated I wanted to give up, The Lord brought me patience. He showed me discipline. He taught me to trust in obedience. He purposely used those three months to grow my spiritual maturity. And he will continuously do this through the rest of my life.

Acts 16 focuses on Paul and the spiritual marks he made. The preacher made 4 points:  1)Paul invested in other   2)He strengthened the church    3)He submitted to the Spirit of God    4)He had determination to spread the gospel. Though all points are great, I particularly loved the combination of the last two. The story talks about how Paul wanted to go to certain cities to preach and the Spirit kept telling him no. Paul is like, “Whattt? I am wanting to do a good thing here God. Why can’t I go?” (How I have so been here before.) But then you see God calling Paul to go to Macedonia and because he listened to the Spirit and went – Lydia was saved, a demon was driven out from a girl, and a jailer and his family came to know Jesus.

What if Paul would have said no? What if he would have done what he wanted and gone to the other cities that were “good” but not God’s plan? If that were the case, three different scenarios of people would have never come to meet Jesus. Just like Paul, I have great hope that is what God is doing for us. That if we are submitting to the Spirit and living with God, He is putting us in situations that allow us to bring Him glory. I am so honored by that today. I trust the plans the Lord has for me because God’s plans are connected to my spiritual maturity. When He grows me, I know Him more intimately. And there is nothing sweeter than that.

Jesus, I humbly come to you asking that you never stop using me and my current situations for your glory. Thank you that I can trust you completely knowing you have every detail of my life under your control. Thank you for being a farmer, tending and growing my heart. For great is thy faithfulness unto me.



Pick Up a Paint Brush

A few weeks ago I blogged about my current, favorite pieces of art: all abstract, large, and colorful. I envy these paintings and the talent of the artist who created them… but with some research, I found that both were painted by 20 something year olds just like me. I haven’t painted in a while and had some time so thought I’d take a stab at two of my favorites. They are definitely no Picasso and I want to eventually re-do both in different colors, but hey – first try not so shabby.

IMG_5500the inspiration

IMG_5497my take

IMG_5550the inspiration

IMG_5559my version

Grab canvases at Hobby Lobby for cheap (especially if you are using the 40% off coupon), pick up the paint brush and go for it! Large artwork for your home can be 10X cheaper this way with a little bit of practice. and Hey, who knows? You could be the next Monet or Pollock.