Pick Up a Paint Brush

A few weeks ago I blogged about my current, favorite pieces of art: all abstract, large, and colorful. I envy these paintings and the talent of the artist who created them… but with some research, I found that both were painted by 20 something year olds just like me. I haven’t painted in a while and had some time so thought I’d take a stab at two of my favorites. They are definitely no Picasso and I want to eventually re-do both in different colors, but hey – first try not so shabby.

IMG_5500the inspiration

IMG_5497my take

IMG_5550the inspiration

IMG_5559my version

Grab canvases at Hobby Lobby for cheap (especially if you are using the 40% off coupon), pick up the paint brush and go for it! Large artwork for your home can be 10X cheaper this way with a little bit of practice. and Hey, who knows? You could be the next Monet or Pollock.



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