Nashville, Tennessee

I had the greatest weekend in Nashville.  Ah from amazing food EVERYWHERE, to city views, friendly and familiar faces, and quaint coffee shops, its safe to say — Nashville, I love thee.

Top 5 favorite spots for the trip (almost all food. could ya guess?):

1. Nashville Food Trucks – look it up on Facebook. SO GREAT! Every Friday night until weather gets sloppy, all  different food trucks line up for Nashville peeps to enjoy. Live music and a beer garden are also present. What’s not to love?

2. The Pfunky Griddle – fun breakfast spot. First off, they had some of the best coffee tasted. Secondly, its entertaining, competitive and fun getting to make your breakfast on the griddle placed in the middle of your table. Not many places like it, Go!

3. San Antonio Taco Company (SatCo) – cheap. bucket beers. and a large patio. not to mention, awesome tacos.

4. Frothy Monkey – it’s a local coffee shop. Enough said.

5. Love Circle – great view of Nashville.

Pictures of each posted below — enjoy!

IMG_5729 IMG_5712FrothyMonkey_CoffeehouseIMG_5733IMG_5738Go visit Nashville!!



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