The Lord teaches through Friendships

My first post was on about each day because I wanted everyone to know what I have exactly been doing with my time here. I have absolutely loved everything that I have gotten to experience and see, but the greatest blessing has been the people I came to Kenya with. The day I bought my plane ticket and found out I was going to Kenya, I asked the Lord to prepare my heart in big ways. I wanted him to teach me humility, but I mostly wanted him to increase my prayer life — to see Him in bigger ways & to pray greater prayers. The Lord has been showing me this in so many ways, but he is definitely using Anna, Kristina & I to encourage each other.


Kristina – this girl is a prayer warrior. She was made for missions abroad. In every task, great or small, Kristina instantly turns to prayer. If any trouble or emotion comes our way, she quickly surrenders it to God and trusts in Him. Not only does she have powerful prayers for our team, she showers prayer over the people she meets. From an upset baby on the airplane to a troubled girl at the orphanage, Kristina’s initial response is always prayer. And why wouldn’t it be, our Father can show more love than we can every try to express. She has been completely encouraging this entire trip, truly making herself the least of these and serving in every way possible. I asked the Lord for him to give me new eyes to prayer and he has through Kristina. I think she said it best when she was speaking about girls from the ABC center, “They [the girls] brought me up to the top of the roof and wanted to pray for their building. At once they all started praying aloud and then they sang worship songs. After they were done they asked me [Kristina] to pray… and I did. But literally the whole time I was thinking, you need to be praying for me! Your faith is way bigger than mine.” Having faith like a child is what Jesus says will inherit the kingdom… and we couldn’t agree more!


Anna – Wow! I am blown away by what this girl is doing here in Kenya. She truly LOVES these people. If you think a designer is all rainbows & butterflies, one thing I have learned is that she is doing the most difficult things to provide for these women — and she does it without thinking of herself at all! Anna has taught me the other thing I asked God to show me, humility. Anna always puts herself last. She is quick to thank Kristina and I for the smallest actions we may do and is encouraging us daily. She listens with great intention – asking us what we read in our Bible that morning and wanting to know exactly how our day went. Though she is constantly busy and new challenges are thrown at her daily, she never shows discouragement and displays her trust in the Lord. When a problem arises, she asks for wisdom and always takes the Lord’s word for her answer. Anna serves humbly – though the work is hard, she does it for these women she loves. She has a great vision and dream for widows in Nairobi and beyond, and I am humbled that she has allowed me to even be apart of this with her.

I am so very thankful that the Lord is showing His work through these great friends! I am excited to see it displayed as each day progresses. Thank you God for friendships!




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