The In’s & Out’s of J&J

International business… let me tell you, it’s a tricky thing. This mission experience has been unlike anything else. Normally when I do missions abroad, we build a house, love on kids or possibly help paint a school. But this trip – Wow I am learning so much! It really is a mission on how to love people behind the scenes. Working from sun-up to sun-down to help establish a future for these women here.

Since the news crew has been gone, our days and hours have been spent working on Judith & James future, along with James 127 Foundation. If you didn’t know, production is about to launch for Judith & James! This is SO exciting for us because it means constant work and money pouring into the women here. I am truly so honored to be apart of Judith & James. Everything Anna thinks of or does is for these women.

Judith & James – Consciously Cosmopolitan. For the shopper who loves iconic style, but wants to make a difference in this world. That is what the brand is about. The clothes embody clean lines and amazing fabric, with each unique African fabric telling it’s own story. The clothing immediately draws us in, but the underlying factor is what truly makes it special. We are helping widows give a future to their family in the slums.


I have had the pleasure of meeting many of these women, but mostly have spent time with Judith. She is truly so special. I am blown away by the strength and joy in her spirit. She is a widow who provides for 8 of her children, 5 truly being her nieces & nephews. She taught herself how to sew by daily going into a tailer shop to watch them work. When Anna met her, she had no work, but great skill. Now 2 years later, Judith is our main girl. With production beginning, she has a stable income and can provide always for her family. Though I have only known Judith for a week, this makes every bit of the long, tedious work worth it. Knowing her kids won’t have to live in the deep of the slums and they will have a future is priceless to me. This is Judith & James. Empowering widows to give them a great future.

So now I sit at a coffee shop and contemplate how will I leave this place in 4 days! There is still SO much to be done and I am hooked! I constantly have to think that the Lord tells us to trust in his plans & how He is sovereign in each day. Holding on to that truth as I walk daily with Him.

Now back to J&J — we are so excited to announce that we are launching our first Promo Shop Launch THIS Thursday at noon!! We will have a few products that will sell until we launch the full shop page in mid-November! There will be a limited supply so be sure to head to the site quickly! We are anxious to see how people respond and hopeful they will love the work! To view  & shop the site, go to 

THANK YOU for supporting us in this adventure! This has been a dream to me being here and I am so so thankful for all the time people have invested in prayers & thoughts. Back to dreaming big!


Hannah (happy in Africa!)

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