Bucket List Begins

It’s that moment again: Bucket List time. The first of the year when I get to plan and plot all that I hope to accomplish… and then normally not follow through. Although, travel to Africa and memorize Psalm 139 were on my list last year – check & done! But for real, I want to be intentional this year. I want to live fully, challenge myself & learn even more.

I have small & BIG goals, but a better strategy to get it done: partner-in-crimes to join in on the journey. I also think I am more prone to remember when I write things down, so a blog post it is!

So here we go, 20 goals for being in my twenties.

1. Go two weeks without sweets. Currently my roommate is eating a s’more in front of me. I’M DYYYING!

2. Do the Daniel Plan during the Month of January. And hopefully continue it afterwards. Either way, fun activity with the mom and sister.

3. Work in a soup kitchen. And have so much fun, I want to go again.

4. Take over all of my bills. Dad will love this.

5. Learn a language. Or really re-learn a language. Espanol, here I come!

6. Go somewhere I have never been. Charleston road trip in March shall check that off!

7. Go on an epic road trip. See above.^

8. Go on a Backroads trip with my family. Cycler mom, plan away!

9. Get involved in a fitness class: preferably, kickboxing. Cause that would be awesome.

10. Get a husbandfiancéboyfriend… Go on a date. Guys. Shoot for the moon right? (Note: This was on my friends list. It was too funny to take off.)

11. Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. Because I’ll be in Kenya, why not?

12. Be more intentional with gifts and cards for others. Who doesn’t love snail mail?

13. Run a 5k for a cause. Really I want to run 1/2 marathon, but who says we have to accomplish all of our goals in 1 year. (Plus I think I would need over a year to train. eek!)

14. Read at least 3 books a month. My reading list is growing at a rapid pace. Catch up time!

15. Learn a new life skill. I’m thinking I will start with sewing on sewing machine or changing a tire. Now who wants to teach me?

16. Donate to a project on Pure Charity once a month. Because I love them & giving is fun.

17. Have a reunion trip with my pledge class. Margaritas on the beach anyone?

18. Become a better cook. I imagine myself cooking with color like Leo off of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2. Bon Appetit!

19. Do something that scares me. Not sure what it is yet, so this shall be interesting.


20. “Let all that you do be done in love.” 1 Corinthians 16:14. Live this verse daily. To live in love, serve in love and obey His word in love.

If this is accomplished, 2014 will be a great one! Number 1 & Number 2, let’s go!






2 thoughts on “Bucket List Begins

    1. Thank you!! The sweets will be a miracle if I get through it! So far I am going strong! I will be sure to keep an update.

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