Mid-Year Bucket List Check Point

So half the year is gone { YAH, WHAT THE HECK!}. A lot of things have happened and it seems as if nothing has happened. How can we really tell? Yep – a Mid-Year Bucket List Check Point.

side note: {I know that most of y’all are not that interested or even hoping and wishing that I would do an update on my awesome 2014 goals. But for that ONE who possible is,      you. are. welcome.}

So here we goooo-

1. Go two weeks without sweets. I went 11 days. That is basically a YEAR in my standards. A stressful work/best friend in-town day broke me. Hey, I still have 27 some odd weeks to try again.

2. Do the Daniel Plan during the Month of January. I didn’t do too shabby on this. I wouldn’t say I followed all of the rules, but I still like to be Daniel Strong most days.

3. Work in a soup kitchen. I DID! With my bible study in Fayetteville. It was awesome.

4. Take over all of my bills. I am two thirds of the way there. Still have a while right? :)

5. Learn a language.  …. ehhhh mi no gusta estudaiar.

6. Go somewhere I have never been. Charleston & Athens. Check! Athens, GA that is.

7. Go on an epic road trip. Southern style road trip with YL friends & Fay friends. Can’t get any better than that.

8. Go on a Backroads trip with my family. No backroads yet, but skiing could be in the works!

9. Get involved in a fitness class: preferably, kickboxing. …still waiting on Fayetteville to open up that awesome kickboxing class.

10. Get a husbandfiancéboyfriend… Go on a date. …I have had ALOT of awesome friend dates. counts right?   (Note: This was on my friends list. It was too funny to take off.)

11. Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. I was unable to go to Kenya due to safety reasons. This will have to be moved to another year. Instead I will try and climb every mountain the Buffalo has to offer.

12. Be more intentional with gifts and cards for others. .. writing camp friends letter, now!

13. Run a 5k for a cause. in Fall – this will be on!

14. Read at least 3 books a month. I joined a book club! Even better!

15. Learn a new life skill. … ehhhh guess I am still working on this one.

16. Donate to a charity once a month. Yep!

17. Have a reunion trip with my pledge class. Wedding reunions have been happening. Does that count?

18. Become a better cook. My roommates are making this naturally happening. By the end of the year I should be Julia Child.

19. Do something that scares me. …. still waiting.


20. “Let all that you do be done in love.” 1 Corinthians 16:14. Live this verse daily. To live in love, serve in love and obey His word in love.

I’ve got work to do! See ya friends!




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