Love Does.

I have 2 friends – Lisa & Meg.

They have never met, but they are wonderfully similar.

I met Lisa 11 years ago through Young Life. I first saw her as a cool adult who I wanted to think I was a cool 14 year old. She took us to Young Life camps, she dressed up in costumes, and chaperoned lock-ins for my friends. I MEAN, who wouldn’t want to be her friend? I remember being at Young Life club watching her have to sing on stage because no one else would… I can be honest and say she wasn’t good, but she did it because she loved us. Lisa allowed me to live life with her. She never kept her world separate from mine. She shared her past and every struggle and jumped into my present and sincerely cared about my teenage world problems. She loved me by simply choosing to spend time with me. Continue reading “Love Does.”