Guys, life is tough.

I know that first hand because I feel like it has been punching me in the face for the last three weeks. {AND IT HURTS}

I would like to think I am a positive person. I like to spend my day seeing the best in things and being friendly to the people I encounter. I enjoy community and time with friends. And hey, I would like to go as far and say I can spread some serious cheer.

toot toot.. there goes my horn. 

Is it weird if I insert here that I also meant to mention humility? … *crickets*

But guys, let me tell you – life is hard. And if you encountered me within the last 3 weeks, I was anything but these things. If you haven’t heard, let me be the one to tell you –

Following the Lord is tough.

Obeying his commands to not have bitterness or envy is tough.

Trusting that he has a plan for my future is tough.

Waiting for his timing for a husband is tough.

Being a “christian” in this world that chases after flesh is tough. Continue reading “TO BORROW FAITH”