Snow Top Mountain Selfies

Just returned from Colorado and I must say…. Colorado at Christmas is quite magical. Being from the South, I am not sure if I have ever woken up to a white Christmas… more like short-sleeve-in-the-50s-or-60s Christmas.

So when I got to spend all week gazing upon this view everyday


and then coming back to sit in this chair by a warm fireplace everyday



 P.S. this was a very coveted chair. It was so coveted, we made bets revolving around the winner being the only one who could sit in the chair for the entire day. The wind knocking over a Christmas tree before we left a restaurant was the death of me.  Dad got the chair for an entire day. He claimed it was a 1/Million chance. Little did we know, it had fallen over 3 times earlier that day  … We will hear about that stupid bet forever.

I have been skiing quite a few times and I must say, I am on the B team. My montra,

slow and steady wins the race

I’m not SUPER boring by any means, but if I get down that mountain injury free…


No matter my pace – I absolutely love the time I get with my family when we are skiing. How can cutting through trees, crashing down slopes, OR taking mountain selfies not be the best of times?! Clearly, I am always a winner with these goons by my side.

King Family Snow Top Mountain Selfies. Please enjoy :)



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