2014, I love you and you rule.

It’s here again – New Years Eve. A time for sparkly outfits and midnight kisses.

…. what a f.r.e.a.k.i.n.g. dreaded holiday ….

Pessimistic, I KNOW. But it’s not my favorite. No sparkly outfit looks good on my petite curvalicious bod (tear), little plans can beat a night reading in my bed (tear) and no boys to give me that FAMOUS New Years Kiss (rolled eyes) – WOE. IS. ME. terrible life huh guys?

J/K. I am about to turn this pity party around because you know what I do LOVEEE about New Years eve – reflecting. Yep – *NERD MOMENT*, but haters-can-hate. As tradition goes (…2 years worth of tradition…), I whip out my old journals, look through my planner and smile at all of the pictures taken. Why? Because it yet another story of God’s faithfulness. It gives me chills thinking about it. Just as He gave us day and night because He needed us to know we can only handle so much in one day. He also gives us years – so we can look and see how all of those small days make up a larger picture – a picture of His faithfulness. Continue reading “2014, I love you and you rule.”