Choosing God’s Yes

It started with a decision… we all have these in life.

A decision whether to accept this job or wait for the one you really want?

A decision whether to spend money on this vacation or save? 

A decision whether to start attending a new bible study group or stay comfortable with the one you have been attending for years?

Decisions are a part of life. A piece of life that does not go away. And I will be honest, decisions are VERY hard for me. All of my friends know this. Should I order this meal or that one? Do I travel this weekend or spend a nice weekend at home? Do I attend this church or another one? And guys – I KNOW this about myself. I know I make the waiter answer too many questions and my friends wait for my last minute plans. I know people find this very annoying. But I also know where this comes from.. the fear of missing out on the BEST option. I want the BEST weekend & the BEST dish & the BEST way to please all of the people around me. And sometimes, all of that leaves me really excited about my final decision or it leaves me exhausted and dissapointed. Continue reading “Choosing God’s Yes”