Brokenness & Renewal

2016. Are we really here? Today is the first day  in 2016 that I have been able to slow down enough to simply sit. and DANG, it feels good. Watched a few Mindy Project episodes and was able to paint and draw – I mean, what. a. day. And now, on to my blog. As always, I like to kick each year off with a little reflecting  (just like Mulan).  I don’t feel right about moving on to the next year without fully knowing & appreciating the year I am leaving behind.

Usually when I try and remember the past year, I look through my calendar to see what I did & I read through my prayer journal to see what I was thinking. I would advise everyone to do this – it is fun to relive the awesome adventures you have with friends and encouraging to see the quiet mornings I spent in the word. As I just went through this routine, there seemed to be an obvious one word theme that swept across my entire year: brokenness. Continue reading “Brokenness & Renewal”