Pure Charity.. What do y’all do again?

“Pure Charity…. What do y’all do again?” – the inquiry of a lifetime.  I feel like this is the most common question of my life that seemingly is the hardest question to answer. If you were to ask me today, I would whip out my generic answer that I keep in my back pocket meant to impress yet quicken the answer. However as years have passed & the matter keeps arising, it is time I answered the grand ole question of what Pure Charity is to me. & I’m really excited about it.

What is Pure Charity? Well on our website you will see it says, ‘The worlds most powerful engine for nonprofits and individuals. Pure Charity builds fundraising and technology solutions for nonprofit organization, individual fundraising & community advocacy.’ Just your general explanation… In basic terms, we provide fundraising solutions to organizations & individuals so they can focus on the good stuff –  like their mission. My day to day is answering emails, attending meetings, assisting donors on the phone, or building out websites for our partners (coding… or shall I really say hacking.. is my new nerd hobby. Woo!). But besides all that good stuff, I am here to tell you that there is much more to Pure Charity.

Let me break it down for you in a few stats. In 2015, through Pure Charity –

–       over 49,000 donors gave more than $18 million dollars collectively

–       933 nonprofits were served impacting 93 countries around the globe

–       1130 families and individuals are now receiving sponsored support

–       2932 participants were mobilized to work alongside other communities

–       2672 children have been adopted since 2013. (my favorite!)

I mean wowwwwwwwww. I’m not just saying that because I work there (or maybe I am) but honestly, that gives me chills. Pure Charity breaks down to three simple words – We Choose Hope. It’s the motto our company and team live by. It is so simple, that you cannot even try to make it something different. Either you choose it or you don’t.  The end.


As a nonprofit, we are generally over exposed to the brokenness of this world. Not that other people do not know or encounter these issues; however, these are the real problems we are working to eradicate every day. We get the incredible opportunity to walk alongside organizations that Choose Hope over darkness daily. They are on the front lines doing the hard and dirty work to carry out their mission as best as possible, while we stand behind them supporting every tech and strategy issue we can. Some of these incredible partners include Help One Now, 99 Balloons, Hear the Cry, Legacy Collective, World Orphans, Love Does and more. All of these organizations fight to empower others, and we are lucky enough to get to be a part of it. (Check out their sites to join their mission!)

We not only get to walk alongside organizations, but we also get to work with churches, public speakers, adoptive families, and more. Since 2013, 2672 children have been adopted by families and now have forever homes. 49,000 people decided that wanted to give of their own resources (donate!) and be apart of something bigger than themselves. I mean that is freaking. incredible. These things – they are the heartbeat of Pure Charity. It’s what gets us pumped up and motivated when our emails hit 200 or we hear of another heartbreak across the world. Around the office, you often hear us say, “It’s real lives and it really matters.” Because it’s true. Every person counts. Every issue needs to be addressed.  Every life matters. At Pure Charity, we get to have a real impact and say on these issues. And our message stays the same: We Choose Hope.

An organization can have a mission, but you cannot support it without a team. And mannn can I say I have the greatest team in the world. They are truly family. We are a small group of 12 with half of us working in the “world headquarters” of Bentonville and the other half ranging from California, Portland, Florida & Brazil.


Our goal is to be the world’s best fundraising engine, but also to be a biker gang (Our female accountant is getting us closest to this feat though our CEO wishes he was the leader of this pack). We are inappropriate at most times, whiskey lovers (minus myself), concert junkies, donut obsessed, tattoo-covered hooligans. With half of us working remote, we rely on instant or video chat through tech programs, which means a new emoji is created weekly to truly relay the emotion we may feel in that day.

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 9.04.17 AM

I am lucky enough to work in the “world headquarters” so our days look a little different than the rest. If you were to walk into the Pure Charity office, you may be surprised what you find. First you would be greeted by our team mascot, Marley the labradoodle, and the blend of music coming from our many offices. You would probably also only see women because Mike, the only male in our office, holes himself up in the very back ignoring the female led world (as Beyonce says, “WHO RUNS THE WORLD – GIRLS!”). Our team would be staring at their computers, talking on the phone with partners or eating the many holiday themed chocolates and treats laying around the office. <– Now you see why we MUST have a workout regimen in your daily life. Sitting + eating candy = whale. NO THANK YA.

If you stuck around, you would also hear some pretty crazy verbiage coming out of our mouths. A lot of this has to do with our Pure Charity lingo (Avatar, Purebot, Widget…. All unique) and much more has to do with the “can & cannot’s” of the technology world. Here are a few of my personal favorite sentences that have been said in our office in a very unique setting –

“ I am so sorry sir. The reason you cannot sign up for an account is because your last name is Dong and that is flagging on our dirty list.”

“ Heyy! (yelling across our all open offices) Can you delete this child? Actually no – will you delete all of these children?”

“ No someone cannot sponsor SupaPorn for $40.”

“Hey! Why does my picture show up when you Google Flaming Poodles?!”

^ Okay, I realize these are probably only funny to me. But I don’t care. They are awesome.

I have come to the conclusion that no one will really ever understand your work unless they work right there with you.  That is just how jobs go. I typically have no idea what my friend is talking about when she speaks med language & I REALLY don’t know when the other goes into banking mode. But if there is 1 thing I would want you to leave knowing about Pure Charity, than this is it:

We Choose Hope and we invite others to Choose Hope with us. We all have the opportunity to make an impact in this world. So let’s do it.




Oh and one more thing!

If you are reading this and you are a big millions-of-dollar organization, call us ;)


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