Seasons of Anything

Yesterday I was scrolling through Instagram when a particular post stuck out to me. It was a picture of colorful fall leaves with the caption, “Really really thankful that seasons always change.” TRIPLE LIKE, RT & AMEN were just a few of the thoughts that immediately came to my mind. Currently in a season that is more than trying, the thought of this season changing is the greatest thing I can imagine. This morning I woke up, went for a walk and the thoughts of seasons kept coming across my brain. I came back and started looking up where seasons are spoken about in the bible with the desire to blog about an overwhelming season that many people in their 20s face. I opened my blog, clicked  Saved Drafts, and found a post I had written about 3 months ago right as this new season was arriving.


Right now, I am in a season – a season of Anything. I know anything or unexpected twists can happen to us at all ages, but there is something different about it when it can happen as a young adult who is single and not tied down to any certain person, place or thing. Like many people, I grew up learning about the different phases of life. You go to elementary, middle and high school. Then it’s about getting through the next four years of college. Maybe after that you go and pursue a speciality degree (Way to go you doctors and lawyers!). But after that, what’s next? It’s kind of strange, but I never fully understand the large blank slate of the world before me until I am right there. In a sense, I can literally do anything because the “steps” of life are gone… but what happens if Anything comes to me?

God has brought a couple Anything seasons this year, but both taught the same purposes. They have three things in common:  1) they beckon me to go all in, 2) they invite me into great adventures with the outcome being unknown, and 3) the most important point, they challenge me to trust in the faithfulness of our God.  You see, I needed these three reasons to speak loudly because of one bigger reason – fear. The most powerful weapon that will enslave you to less of a life than you were meant for.

Jesus never wants us to live this way. 

“For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.” – Galations 5:1

Earlier this year, I met someone in a total random, and quite hilarious, setting – the beach. YES, it’s like we were in middle school again. It was one of those circumstances that was so random, yet so right, that I dreamingly thought “This is it!!” Well that wasn’t the case and there was a much bigger purpose in it, but it was such a sweet place to see the Lord move. As exciting as it was, there were so many fears and unknown factors involved, yet I knew the Lord was asking me to say yes. Not Yes to a person, but Yes to letting go of my fear of being seen and trusting that the Lord had the ultimate plan of provision. It was the first taste of freedom the Lord wanted me to acknowledge this year.

My second unforeseen season and definitely the toughest yet – leaving a job and a town I loved more than anything. To skip to the ending of the longest story/two weeks ever, God made it 100% clear that it was time to move on from my job and try a new adventure. (How do I know it was clear? Well I talked to him about it and my gut immediately told me that was right. So I stick to my gut.) But to be honest, though I know it’s the right decision, this is one that I can’t quite wrap my mind around yet.

So what to do with this type of fear?…

This is a something I am in the midst of figuring out. You see, fear so easily creeps back in to my life, especially when I can’t see what is out ahead of me. The Lord has been showing me that every. day. I must hand over my fear to him. Heck, He tells me to do this 100x a day if that’s what it takes to know He is completely faithful. Recently a simple line stood out to me in my devotional. It read, “No matter where our feet rest, we are always standing in the field of God’s provision.”  I have no idea what is ahead, but I know He has and will always provide for me. His timing is perfect. My days and plans have been written in His book forever. He asks me to trust Him in the unknown, and I only need to say Yes.

“All the promises of God find their Yes in Jesus.” – 2 Corinthians 1:20


I read those words and realize that they mean more to me now then they did 3 months ago. In the midst of a new season where excitement has worn off and fear has found its way back in, it is important to remember that this season has a purpose and it will be seen in the days to come. I only need to learn to glorify him in the time at hand and choose to remember that the Lord is faithful in all that He does.

We must decide a few things here: God is either the ultimate Provider, or not at all. He is either in the business of redemption, or He is off the clock altogether. His hand is either strong, or it is weak. He either chose us, or He rejected us. There is no sliding scale according to our worthiness. In fact, His love for us and devotion to us rests on His faithfulness, not ours… The same is true for us. God’s provision is a vehicle to His perfect will. Maybe unexpected kindness comes to you in the form of a Boaz, or maybe it looks a little different—a new job, a needed friend, a resolved conflict. Either way, our strong Provider is always present, giving His children what they need. – She Reads Truth

Jesus, I trust your provision. I trust you bring forth seasons and you allow them to pass by in your timing. Forgive me when I allow fear to speak more loudly than your voice.  Your timing is not for me to know, instead I am to only trust in your great faithfulness.




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