Brave & Celebrate

This year for Christmas one of my best friends gave me a book called Let’s All Be A Little Brave: Living Life With All You Have. She bought it because she needed it and thought I might enjoy the inspiration too. As cheesy as the title sounded, I was all in for a good motivational book that may trick my mind into the YOU GO GIRL attitude. And as I suspected, I was total hyped-up I GOT THIS by the end. The message was what you may expect, stories on defeating the dirty little minions in your head and world and taking that big ole leap into braver pastures. She talked about being brave in your Yes’s and your No’s and when to Let Go and Hold On. She shared the importance in surrounding your self with people, exploring your talents, and believing the words that may get you to bravery. But there was one message that really struck a chord with me – bravery comes in the smallest of acts to the largest of leaps. And that simple idea brought me to my 2017 words – Brave and Celebrate. Now lets dig in. Continue reading “Brave & Celebrate”