The Happiness Trend

Lately I have been so encouraged by the way people are choosing happiness. It seems that as our culture pushes more and more “perfectionist” ideals, more and more people are becoming aware of the big hoax that perfection truly is. Our generation is moving into a direction of choosing our happiness based on the uniqueness each of us are called to, and leaving behind the negativity that so many outsiders can flood in.

I see the Happiness Trend so much these days. Rachel is launching a blog because her husband inspired her to write and take pictures and share what makes her thrive. Alex is making jewelry, selling art, and photographing everything from her work to movie theaters because she finds joy in every part of her day. Katy seeks connections and invests in relationships, from her friends to her husband to her presh-pot baby boy. Courtney documents everything, makes sense because she is a photographer, but she is also coming up with new ways to show her art, while encouraging others to chase after their own creative ideas. Gina fully embraces the city she lives in by running any trail and attending every farmers market. Lizzie is making old furniture new. Claire is brainstorming travels. And well my roommate and I, we are just watching our favorite show Younger and buying MANY flowers.

I know these days many things can steal our happiness – comparison, negativity, and people pleasing being a few.  However, my friends above – and many more – are encouraging me to step away from the harsh critic inside myself and move into a creative happiness for life. Find what makes you thrive and do it. Not only that, but celebrate instead of criticize others who are doing what makes them flourish. It may be different than yours, but it is happiness. Sit and take in moments that simply give you all the feels OR snap a picture and share it with your friends. Skip the shake and eat a bag of donuts from time to time. Book the trip and make a memorable weekend with your friends. These big or small things – they are moments of joy that can be ours – let’s take them.

Here are a few small ways I am choosing happiness.

  1. Making my home a green oasis. Who knew that plants make a house 100000 MILLION X happier. I didn’t, but sure do now!
  2. Writing more, and more freely.
  3. Working at home once a week – a new view is the weekly glue :D
  4. Pursuing projects I keep putting off.
  5. Making time for myself, and my people.

I have been truly encouraged by my friends and would love to hear the simple ways you are choosing your happiness. Let’s take these moments my people. #thehappinesstrend





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