Nashville For A Year, Check it!

GUYSSSS, I HIT MY ONE YEAR IN NASHVILLE! It feels like 3 years ago when I was dropping off the u-haul in Music City, all possessions unpacked, ready to start over in an unknown place. However only one year it has been, and I must say, it has been one of my favorite years yet. At the beginning of 2017, I had two words to steer me throughout the year – brave and celebrate. Those words were chosen before I knew I would be living in Nashville, but with confidence, I can say the Lord used them to challenge, guide, and encourage me throughout the year. It’s never easy to begin again, no matter the circumstance, but entering into these new grounds forced me to get out of my comfort zone which allowed me to learn about myself again, making this the main reason why this year was so influential for me. Continue reading “Nashville For A Year, Check it!”