St. Jude’s Rock N Roll Half Marathon

Guys, I did it. I am now the proud owner of a light up flashing medal signifying my finish of the Nashville Rock N Roll Half Marathon! WOO WOOP! Despite the hills… and the horrid humid heat… and the constant feeling of needing to use the restroom (yep, I said it), I found a way to finish that race with a big ole smile on my face and some pretty achy legs.

Hands down, signing up for the Nashville half was one of the best things I have ever done. Because I have never been a long distance runner, I knew I was going to be challenged physically and mentally while training, but I had no idea of the other things I would gain along the way. But in the end, I did register by convincing myself that “this would totally make me feel like a Nashville resident” and “the race is going to be a breezeeeee!” The real clincher for the deal was that I didn’t want to feel like a complete loser standing on the sidelines while watching two of my best friends actually run the race. Here we have it, FOMO wins again!

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Dear Graduate

Dear Graduate,

I see you. I see your photos wishing for one more year. I see your laughter and tears wondering what life will look like without the friends who have grown to feel family. And believe me, I see your fears. Fears of not knowing what the heck you are doing and what in the world adulthood officially looks like. I wanted to write this because I know how it feels to be in your shoes, excited yet partly dreading the next chapter of life. Continue reading “Dear Graduate”

Rediscovering Your Hometown

Never did I actually think I would say it, but here it is: I am slightly heartbroken to leave Helena. Yep, truth. Growing up I loved living in Helena. As kids we always said living in a small town gave us our “creative gene”. From playing a huge neighborhood game of cops and robbers at a young age to 4wheelers and field parties as we got older, we tried to always make the most of where we were from. But then the day comes – college A.K.A. movie theaters, glorious restaurant abundance, and many many more people. Every small town kids’ dream ya know? And after many years of being spoiled in that luxurious environment, the thought of ever going back to your small petty town becomes a fleeting chance.

Until you do.
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