Snow Top Mountain Selfies

Just returned from Colorado and I must say…. Colorado at Christmas is quite magical. Being from the South, I am not sure if I have ever woken up to a white Christmas… more like short-sleeve-in-the-50s-or-60s Christmas.

So when I got to spend all week gazing upon this view everyday


and then coming back to sit in this chair by a warm fireplace everyday



 P.S. this was a very coveted chair. It was so coveted, we made bets revolving around the winner being the only one who could sit in the chair for the entire day. The wind knocking over a Christmas tree before we left a restaurant was the death of me.  Dad got the chair for an entire day. He claimed it was a 1/Million chance. Little did we know, it had fallen over 3 times earlier that day  … We will hear about that stupid bet forever.

I have been skiing quite a few times and I must say, I am on the B team. My montra,

slow and steady wins the race

I’m not SUPER boring by any means, but if I get down that mountain injury free…


No matter my pace – I absolutely love the time I get with my family when we are skiing. How can cutting through trees, crashing down slopes, OR taking mountain selfies not be the best of times?! Clearly, I am always a winner with these goons by my side.

King Family Snow Top Mountain Selfies. Please enjoy :)


Riding in Cars with Boys

YEP, this sums up the trip pretty well.

Many people think I was – AM – crazy to go on a trip with all guys – 4 to be exact. Believe me, I don’t blame them. I also thought I was a little crazy. But when two of your best friends move to a beautiful location like Costa Rica and they convince you to make the trek, WHO AM I TO SAY NO?!

– Disclaimer: I tried to get other girls to join me. NONE could make it. So I said, “HANNAH – JOURNEY ON!”-

But really, the trip was AWESOME. I honestly can’t wait to divulge in how INCREDIBLE Costa Rica is… BUT NO, Costa Rica will wait. This post is dedicated to all those GALS out there who have/will/are considering going on a trip with all guys… oh, just me? .. No, you too! Go for it if you get the chance for an incredible trip, but take this advice with you.




(NOTE: If you are a boy going on all girl trip – BLESS YOUR SOUL. Cancel trip IMMEDIATELY! If you cannot, just reverse any advice given below.)

  1. You WILL be sitting in the middle of every car ride. Why? Because they are too big to all fit in the back of a Rav4 and because double big boy thighs don’t work well next to each other. SURVIVAL TIP: Become claustrophobic and make them give you the side or front seat every now and then. You will need this for sanity. .. Also remind them deodorant does in fact exist.
  2. No matter how much a girl can eat, most boys CAN and WILL eat more. Don’t try and keep up. It leaves you miserably full.. and then probably stuck in the back middle of a Rav4. No thank you.
  3. Guys engage in interesting and/or WEIRD conversations and actions. No matter how close of friends we are, I decided not chiming into these conversations was the best action. –Yes, us ladies probably have an amazing “Thats what she said” joke playing in our mind — but in most cases, don’t use it. Gotta remind them that a lady is in the house. Disclaimer: sometimes we have to let those jokes slip. It’s okay! Just make sure it is prime time material.
  4. Every day the guys will need guy time. And believe me, you will be aching for a minute of silence. SURVIVAL TIP: Bring a good book and find the most perfect beach or porch swing you have ever seen. Sit and enjoy BLISS while they discuss who knows what..
  5. Unless your guy friend is a lover of photography, as the girl, you automatically take on the role of pictures… and the camera you packed doesn’t help your case. SO being #1 picture taker, guess what – you are taking pictures of just the guys. SURVIVAL TIP: Give the camera to everyone to use OR just get used to solo shots OR get used to less pictures of you. Hey, its the memories that count right? … cue looking at the 12th picture of boy #1, 3 and 4 and only the 2nd of you.
  6. The most important tip, and most fun one: Let go of control and go with the flow. Lets be real, you signed up with a trip with all guys – the trip is going to be spontaneous and a little nuts, but A LOT of fun. Lucky for me, my guys love to plan adventures so I knew I was set for a great time. But it was also the moments, not planned but happened, that were my favorites. Embrace the adventure.


Take this advice with you, remember to shave and shower, and you are SET. Crazy as it may seem, I enjoyed every minute spent with those 4 stinky guys — and you will too!




Yet another disclaimer: I would only offer this advice to girls if you are REALLY good friends with the guys. If you are adventuring with total strangers… i’ve got nothing. Power to you girlfriend!





Last 2 Days of my African Adventure

Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God.” Mark 10:27

That verse is how I started my last 2 days in Nairobi. It was a verse that proved so true for that day and will continue to do so as I walk daily with Christ. Before my last two days, I prayed that God would show himself in a big way. And boy did He! I love how our Father works.

Second to last day:

I started with this verse in mind. It was a good thing because it felt like we had impossible tasks before us. We had so much to do in so little time — and we also had to work with the Kenyan culture, which meant things could change at any point ( throws a curve ball – kinda fun!) Well the Lord was so sweet… what seemed impossible became almost simple to us and we got done 7 hours of work in 2. That night we went to try Ethiopian food, which was quite an experience! Just a lot of what seems like goop on what seems like plastic tortilla and then you eat it with a rolled up plastic tortilla. and you use your hands. Yep that sums it up. It was actually quite tasty though! I enjoyed the weirdness of it all and having to share it with many other people. What can I say? I come from a family who prefers eating off each others plate & trying new things so I’m not so surprised I liked it. After that, we went to worship at ABC center, the nonprofit that rescues street children. ahhhh it was amazing! Seeing these kids pray aloud over each other and dance and sing and praise Jesus was eye opening. At the end they all joined hands and prayed for many things, but one that struck me in particular was they prayed for the sponsors. They prayed for the people that gave them money. WOW! I just kept thinking “Their sponsors probably have NO CLUE that these children in Africa are praying for their lives in America, Iceland or wherever their they may live.” That is an organization I want to help and see flourish. Leaving I met four precious 12 year old girls who were completely loving and fun. They showed me the traditional Kenyan dance, they sang to me, they loved me, & they taught me Nakupenda “I love you” in Swahili. I was so full leaving that place. Those girls I will see again, and will see again soon! I cannot wait for that day!

Ethiopian Food
Ethiopian Food

Last day in Kenya:

We woke up and went to church at a missionary/western type church. I loved it!! It was the icing on the cake to be with Kenyans all 2 weeks and then see another community you could have there. It really allowed me to see the whole picture of what God is doing in that place. The church was awesome — just 3 boys leading worship and a preacher who taught on the John 15-Vine & The Branches. The power would go in and out during the service, but I loved it each time. It was God showing me that nothing needs to be perfect to worship Him — and the people in Africa know that. No one ever worried, stopped singing or panicked each time the building would go dark. After church I was talking with some people when I happened to make a connection with a girl that went to school at Samford with Katy! How cool is that? Small small word! The rest of the day was spent doing little business things and mostly trying to plan some way we could stay longer. We kept asking people to kidnap us, but no one would take us seriously…. darn it.

Mary London (Samford Friend!)
Mary London (Samford Friend!)

This trip! Wow! Literally still haven’t processed it all. When I do, I’ll be sure to post my thoughts. I do know that it was a great adventure that taught me so much. And its something that I want to be apart of forever. Thank you Jesus for the sending me to the Land of Nairobi Kenya — where the fruits are sweeter and the Lord is everywhere.