2016 in Review

2017 – HERE WE GO. Like many people, I am happy to see this year arrive. 2016 has brought many stellar moments and a lot of heartbreaking realities. And quite honestly, I have made some kickass goals that I am ready to crush during the new year. Lookout -Leslie Hannah King Knope on the horizon!


However my “achieve a backbend” and “turn in your RSVP on time” will just have to wait until I have fully reflected and celebrated 2016. Because lets be honest, memory fades and how else will I remember come next year? Continue reading “2016 in Review”

Seasons of Anything

Yesterday I was scrolling through Instagram when a particular post stuck out to me. It was a picture of colorful fall leaves with the caption, “Really really thankful that seasons always change.” TRIPLE LIKE, RT & AMEN were just a few of the thoughts that immediately came to my mind. Currently in a season that is more than trying, the thought of this season changing is the greatest thing I can imagine. This morning I woke up, went for a walk and the thoughts of seasons kept coming across my brain. I came back and started looking up where seasons are spoken about in the bible with the desire to blog about an overwhelming season that many people in their 20s face. I opened my blog, clicked  Saved Drafts, and found a post I had written about 3 months ago right as this new season was arriving. Continue reading “Seasons of Anything”

Morning Musings

Morning Musings

I love mornings. I think I always have.  I wake up and go downstairs for coffee, sit in my cozy orange-pink chairs my grandmother gave me, and settle in with the current study book I am reading. 30 minutes of quiet before the crazy day commences. Now, that is sanity.

This morning wasn’t any different… well, kind of. I walked downstairs, realized I was out of coffee (Noooo!), zipped on over to Marvin’s to grab some (back in action!) and settled into my chair by 7. Woof, close call! I sat down with my coffee in hand and the book at my side and pretty quickly realized I have been here before. Three years ago, I was in another house in this exact chair, reading this exact book, drinking probably out of exact mug (let’s pretend for stories sake, yah?), seeking the exact same God. And in this moment all I can think is –  My God is Faithful. Continue reading “Morning Musings”