Nashville For A Year, Check it!

GUYSSSS, I HIT MY ONE YEAR IN NASHVILLE! It feels like 3 years ago when I was dropping off the u-haul in Music City, all possessions unpacked, ready to start over in an unknown place. However only one year it has been, and I must say, it has been one of my favorite years yet. At the beginning of 2017, I had two words to steer me throughout the year – brave and celebrate. Those words were chosen before I knew I would be living in Nashville, but with confidence, I can say the Lord used them to challenge, guide, and encourage me throughout the year. It’s never easy to begin again, no matter the circumstance, but entering into these new grounds forced me to get out of my comfort zone which allowed me to learn about myself again, making this the main reason why this year was so influential for me. Continue reading “Nashville For A Year, Check it!”


YEAR 2013: the Dub Club, Africa & Adventure.

January 1st is tomorrow. What?! Normally by this time each year I have created my new resolutions, made my New Years Eve plans & am counting down the seconds to ring in the New Year! (Champagne anyone?)… But somehow I find myself this year sitting on a couch, with no resolutions made, no plans & no champagne.. yet. :)

I love the difference one year makes.

We say it goes by so fast until we look back and realize so much happened in those 365 days. This year was one for the books: I graduated college, I got my first real job, I changed my first real job, I got baptized and I went to Africa. That’s only the short list. But while looking back, the greatest thing I noticed was that almost everything that happened was not orchestrated by me, it was all God. Challenging me, renewing me, breaking me, exciting me — it was Him making the plans the whole time. So for this year, I want to take the day to be grateful for the things  the Lord has done for me… New years resolutions can wait a day, right?

So Year 2013, I am grateful for:

1. A COLLEGE DEGREE! … and the bonus package of not having to study anymore that goes along with it! Can I get an Amen Sara Simpson?

2. I went to AFRICA! For 2 weeks. It was incredible. I fell in love. I am also grateful for my job, at the time, to allow me to take off work for 3 weeks to pursue my dream in going.

3. I HAVE MY DREAM JOB! I just switched from working as a Sales Coordinator at a hotel to working for the group I went to Africa with. The organization is James127 Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit that brings God’s hope to widows and orphans by providing free sewing & jewelry training to vulnerable women in Kenya. God is so faithful in how He brought me to this point & I am excited to see where He leads us. MARKETING PLUG: Go check us out at No shame in this game.

4. The Dub Club: a house that holds my favorite memories from senior year.  From finding a snake in our house to cleaning up our leaking brown kitchen floors to my sauna of a room to bugs in the bathroom, that was the greatest gem of a house that I could have ever lived in. More importantly, I am grateful for the 3 best friends I lived with (pretty sure we are the only 4 who could have handled living in that beautiful dump) and the hilarious memories that came with it. LONG LIVE THE DUB CLUB!

5. Parents and a family that loves to exercise and craves adventure. I wouldn’t hike near as many mountains or ride any bike trails without their passion to want to do it all! You go, fit Mom and Dad!

6. A bible study group that challenges each other, encourages each other and laughs (ALOT) with each other. Love those gals.

7. The Summer of Discipline: definition – the time of newness, no job & no set plans in which the Lord used to break me and challenge me so all I could do was run to Him. He taught me discipline. He taught me what it means to trust in obedience. This was the one of the toughest, yet best moments I have experienced with the Lord.

8. A YL Timber Wolf Lake Reunion happened: We got to watch our best friend, Winston Ly, get married to the love of his life Ali in Nashville.

9. Speaking of Nashville, Nashville food. YUM. Thankful for SatCo, food trucks, Pfunky Griddle & many more.

10. Getting baptized by my first ministry leader/friend I had during college and having my family  in the crowd to watch.

Yep, this year has been a great one. I can’t wait to see what 2014 will bring!